About Attorney Dennis Spyra

Dennis Spyra & Associates has represented thousands of individuals and businesses over the last 30 years. Attorney Spyra is a graduate of the West Virginia University, BA; University of Pittsburgh, MA; and the American University's Washington College of Law, JD. Attorney Spyra began his legal career as an attorney with the United States Department of Justice in Washington D.C. The director of the United States Trustee's Office, at the Department of Justice recruited Mr. Spyra to open a new office in Pittsburgh, PA, to supervise bankruptcy cases on behalf of the federal government.

During Attorney Spyra's tenure with the U.S. Trustee's office, he supervised and administrated cases in all chapters under the Bankruptcy Code. Attorney Spyra supervised and assisted with the Chapter 7 legal panel of Trustee attorneys in their effort to ferret out fraud and abuse of the bankruptcy process. This experience provided Attorney Spyra with a unique and comprehensive understanding of the bankruptcy process as an attorney and government prosecutor.

Olivia Lorenzo is the supervising paralegal with the firm. Ms. Lorenzo is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, BA; and University of Pittsburgh Law School, JD. Ms. Lorenzo's experience includes a clerkship with the United States Bankruptcy Judge in Wheeling West Virginia and years in private practice with major firms in Pittsburgh. Ms. Lorenzo has assisted Attorney Spyra with his legal practice for over a 20 year period.


  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • Allegheny County Bar Association