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Dennis Spyra & Associates is proud to have been practicing in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area for 30 years.

Overwhelmed by debt? We are a debt-relief agency providing legal representation to individuals in legal matters before the court. Our professional and caring legal staff offers you personalized attention during any legal matter.

In today's economy, more and more families and businesses struggle to meet their day-to-day financial obligations. This has placed an enormous strain on individuals and the business community.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you do not have to work through them alone. The Dennis Spyra & Associates can help. We are Pennsylvania Bankruptcy lawyers, based in the Pittsburgh area that concentrate in consumer and business bankruptcy matters, depending on your circumstances, various chapters under the Bankruptcy Code may apply to your unique circumstances. In addition to our Downtown Pittsburgh location, we have offices located in Beaver, Elizabeth, and White Oak Pennsylvania for the convenience of our clients.

Our clients come from all walks of life. Many were living the American dream, with a beautiful house and a steady job. They could never have predicted the financial instability that required them to seek guidance from a bankruptcy lawyer. We have represented thousands of individuals and businesses who considered themselves financially secure, but nonetheless found themselves struggling to pay their bills at the end of each and every month. Harassing creditor calls and lawsuits force many individuals and businesses to seek legal advise to protect their assets.

Dennis Spyra & Associates can help you stop adverse creditor actions. With few exceptions, immediately upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition, your creditors are prohibited from taking any further action against you; even if your bank account has been frozen and your salary has been attached. For information about the new Bankruptcy Law and its effect on you, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.