The law firm of Dennis Spyra & Associates has provided legal advice to thousands of individuals and businesses over the last 30 years. As a former attorney with the United States Department of Justice and Office of the United States Trustee, Attorney Spyra's experience has covered every matter typically involved in the administration of bankruptcy matters, financial and tax matters and Federal, State and local litigation matters. Attorney Spyra has also solved thousands of problems associated with pre-bankruptcy matters concerning tax, contract and collection matters. Under certain circumstances, settlement proceedings to avoid a formal bankruptcy filing can result in thousands of dollars in savings and restoring financial stability to the client.

Under other unique circumstances, a bankruptcy can reorganize an individual's or businesses financial affairs and stop all legal proceedings regarding collection, foreclosure and repossession of the parties assets. Depending on the Chapter best suited for application under the Bankruptcy Code, financial relief will provide the client with the legal protection to protect their assets and substantially reduce their financial obligations. In addition, the actual filing of a bankruptcy case acts as a complete injunction over all legal proceedings pending against the Debtor. This injunctive relief is a powerful legal strategy to protect the Debtor's assets and contractual rights with the Bankruptcy Court until the Bankruptcy Court makes a determination over the dispute. In most cases creditors' claims are substantially reduced and Debtor's rights are restored at lower monthly payments and interest charges. Government tax liabilities that include substantial interest and penalty charges can be settled at reduced amounts and repayment plans implemented to pay non-dischargeable debt over a multiyear financial plan. If the Bankruptcy Court approves the Plan, the tax authority can take no further action to collect on its debt except for the provisions set forth under the reorganization plan.


A middle class lifestyle is not supposed to include struggling to make ends meet or being overburdened with debt.

Our clients come from all walks of life. Individuals, married couples and business owners all face financial challenges that may require legal action to protect their assets. They could never have predicted the financial instability that required them to seek guidance from a bankruptcy lawyer. We have represented thousands of individuals who considered themselves financially secure, but nonetheless found themselves struggling to pay their bills at the end of each and every month or needing to defend a legal action that may result in the loss of thousands of dollars.

Dennis Spyra & Associates can help you stop adverse creditor actions. With few exceptions, immediately upon the filing of a Bankruptcy Petition, your creditors are prohibited from taking any further action against you; even if your bank account has been frozen and your salary has been attached. For information about the new bankruptcy law and its affect on you, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

If you are seeking guidance while on a tight schedule, Dennis Spyra & Associates can extend a flexible weekend or evening appointment to you at your convenience.


Don't Get Buried Under a Mountain of Debt

Bankruptcy law is our primary area of practice. We focus on consumer and business - creditor/debtor law because we want to help people and businesses get a fresh start through the available laws. Whether you are behind with your payments, or just feeling overwhelmed, you may need the help that the bankruptcy laws can provide. We can help you use the bankruptcy laws in your favor to stop foreclosure or repossession, end or reduce your credit card debts, resolve your tax problems and reorganize your business.

We'll sit down with you to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of:

We'll talk to you about debts that can be discharged and how bankruptcy affects your credit moving forward. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Attorney Spyra in Beaver, Elizabeth, Pittsburgh or White Oak offices. Call us toll-free at 1-877-FILBK4U or our local number 412-471-7675 and we'll schedule an appointment for you. Have questions about bankruptcy? We have answers!